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Quebonafide is a Polish rapper and songwriter who has gained immense popularity in recent years. He was born on January 23, 1995, in Lublin, Poland. Quebonafide’s real name is Kuba Grabowski.



He started his music career in 2012 by uploading his songs on YouTube. His unique style of blending rap with elements of pop and electronic music quickly caught the attention of listeners across Poland. In 2014, he released his debut album „Egzotyka,” which received critical acclaim and established him as one of the most promising artists in the Polish hip-hop scene.

Quebonafide has since released several successful albums such as „Egzotyka II” (2016), „Romantic Psycho” (2018), and „Cityzen” (2020). His lyrics often touch upon themes such as love, relationships, mental health, and social issues. He is known for his introspective approach to songwriting that resonates with many young people in Poland.

Apart from his music career, Quebonafide is also an active social media personality with a large following on Instagram and Twitter. He often uses these platforms to share personal insights into his life as well as to


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